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Carbon Black CG6

High quality Carbon Black CG 6. our product is available in many forms, as char, as fine powder (1 to 18 μm) and as pellets. 

Carbon Green™ - an industry accepted replacement for virgin semi-reinforcing and filler carbon black, like N770 by 100% and N660 by 40%.

The Carbon Green™ produced by the process represents about 33%-35% of the original weight of the tires processed.

Tire Pyrolysis Oil (TPO)

 From the pyrolysis process we manage to produce High Quality oil with LFO properties. The oil contain up to 75% bio-carbon, extracted from the tires natural rubber.

Pyrolysis Oil can be generally classified as heating oil although the product has not yet been classified by the EU under a unique label with its own code. 

Currently, Pyrolysis Oil equivalents are used by many countries as fuel for open burners provided permission is granted by regulating authorities. It has calorific value (9200kcal/kg) identical to the Light-Fuel-Oil (‘LFO’) with sulfur less than 1% (0.4 to 0.8). Pyrolysis oil buyers include plants for electricity production, other stationary engine applications and large boilers.

Pyrolysis Oil specifications are similar to those of LFO currently sold by oil companies. The main differences are higher flammability and lower density, features which make it comparable to Diesel. As such, Pyrolysis Oil can burned without pre heating leading to lower energy costs.

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